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im back

2010-10-02 22:49:29 by HighHill

i know you guys haven't heard from me in a while but thats because ive been really busy with school so im kinda on a tight schedule. but now that i have a sliver of time i just want to let you guys know that im not dead and i am still making music. also im in the process of getting a new keyboard so once i have that i will continue to work on my projects.


2010-08-29 01:24:14 by HighHill

ok so this is a pretty much postitive post

1)i've found my midi cable so now i will be able to start working on my projects. i've actually already started on a new one thats going great

2)the only piece of semi bad news (depending on where you are looking at it ) is that i have decided to remove death by sound, my second submission, so i can fix it up and whatnot it will be removed on friday so get your last lisnens and votes in because after this upcoming friday it will be gone
dont be too upset though cause a new version(better, not as noob-ish) will be released later on in the future

good news, bad news

2010-08-26 12:23:11 by HighHill

ok so ill start with the bad news. it looks like i cant find my midi usb cable. if any of you dont know what that is its basically what i use to connect my keyboard(piano) to my laptop. without it i wont be able to progress on current music projects that i am working on. so for now it looks like my uploads will have to be put on hold

the good news is that before i lost my midi cable i was able to begin working on two musical pieces that i think will be my best yet (even though my best right now isn't that good[don't worry i will get better]) the first is a house beat that iv'e been wanting to finish and the second is an orchestra type of thing that also have been wanting to do. hopefully i will be able to find my cable before school starts so i can actually get a chance to finish what i started.


please let me know....

2010-04-30 18:24:21 by HighHill

hello world of newgrounds! i would like to let everybody know that if you download my song i would like to be informed. thank you everyone. a quick PM would do fine.